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Florida Girls (2019) Teaser Images & Trailer

I am excited to announce that the trailer for Florida Girls (2019) has been released. This was a hilarious show to work on and I can’t wait till it comes out. Here are three promotion images that I shot that were released with the trailer. Click the link to check out the trailer on -

Gear Review - Nikon F3

Gear Review - Nikon F3

The Nikon F3 is one of my all time favorite cameras and hands down my favorite SLR. I use this camera whenever I want to give some old school flare to an image. I have put so many rolls of Ilford HP5 Plus and Cine Still film through this camera it’s not even funny.

• Nikon F3 - This camera is seriously fun to shoot and has an amazing legacy. The Nikon F3 was the first Nikon camera to have the red stripe under the shutter button, a signature feature on many Nikon cameras. This is because of the efforts of Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro who styled the camera. Giugiaro is also known for designing the DeLorean. The F3 was used to shoot a portion of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) during the mine cart scene. By adding a motor drive and film magazine they were able to shoot the miniatures for the scene. NASA also had a partnership with Nikon to make 50 of the “NASA F3” a camera that was used by astronauts to create images in space.

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Backtrace (2018) - Poster

I am very happy that so many of the stills that I shot all came together to make the poster for Backtrace (2018). Brian A. Miller was a great director to work for, I loved how efficient he was on set and knew exactly what he needed for the edit. Thanks to Grindstone Entertainment Group & Lionsgate for bringing me on to this production.

Seth F. Johnson Backtrace 2018 Sylvester Stallone.jpg

Galveston (2018) - Poster

Excited to announce that my stills of Ben Foster and Elle Fanning were used to make the poster for Galveston (2018). Arnaud Potier was a fantastic Director of Photography and was able to achieve such an amazing look. I learned so much watching him work on set. Thanks for the keychain Elle!


Interview with - Savannah on Film (Radio Interview)

Here is an interview I did with Savannah on Film. We spoke about where my interests in unit stills photography originated from, filmmaking in Savannah, and some of the personal projects I have written and directed with my prodution company Moon Rabbit Media. Savannah on Film is a really interesting concept and I can't wait to see what other people they interview from the film community in Savannah, GA.

An LA Minute (2018) - Poster

Excited to announce that I shot the poster image for An LA Minute (2018). Gabriel Byrne and Kiersey Clemons were both absolutely awesome to work with!


Living the Dream (2017)

Images I took for Sky TV's Living the Dream will be featured in this months issue of The British Society of Cinematographers! 


First look at Ben Foster in Nic Pizzalotto thriller Galveston

I am currently doing still photography for the film Galveston (2018) shooting here in Savannah! "ScreenDaily" just released this article featuring one of my stills of Ben Foster!


Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story

Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story was the first film I was able to do unit stills photography for. The image on the left is mine. It was so exciting knowing I was able to be apart of the poster image!